Having an online presence is an essential thing for businesses and entrepreneurs nowadays. But with rising use of the internet and how everyone wants their own successful online presence, it’s become difficult to rank your content among the vast sea of similar people out there.

But there are certain guidelines and tricks you can use to make sure your content gets the recognition it deserves, below we will discuss 6 important strategies that can help your search engine optimization work for you in 2019.

Write long blog posts

The length of your blog post is a factor that has been mostly overlooked. As search engines prefered quality content, people were more adamant on creating something useful and to the point. Indeed this is a good strategy but it doesn’t mean you have to hold back on the length of content you are posting online.

According to research conducted by Backlinko, they saw that most of the google searches that were appearing on google’s first page were not only good in quality but they also had another common factor. The average number of words they had were close to around 1890. This meant that not only quality but the extensiveness of the content you post is also counted and preferred. Blog posts that were more extensive, in-depth and explained something in good quality and in more detail were preferred to the blogs that were short and to the point. So, next time when you’re writing a blog for your site, make sure to strike the perfect balance of not only quality, but length too. Check out mississauga seo agencies to use in 2019 to rank your sites on Google.


Update your Old content with time

If your website has been online for a long period, you should check your existing content for quality issues and make sure that what you posted is up to date and according to Google’s standards. There is a big chance that the SEO strategy you used in 2016 is now different from what is being used in 2019. Those techniques could have been relevant in 2016 but now the algorithm has changed as it keeps changing with time. So, instead of writing new articles on the same topics, it’s better to modify your existing content by modifying the headlines and editing the overall body of text to make sure it’s still according to SEO standards.

Also edit, the website copy to make sure it’s more relevant and up to date with what’s currently being searched. You might want to look at headlines and transform them into something more relevant, so you reach a far bigger audience and your content also stays in use, even if it’s years older.

Focus on what the audience wants

Your audience is your main priority and so is Google’s. You should be completely in sync with your preferred audience to see what type of content is being sought after and where you can step in to fill the gap. You should look at what they’re talking about, what type of platforms they prefer, how you can understand them better so you can create an SEO strategy especially suited for them. The more your content feels relevant, the better the chances are that you are going to get repeat visitors and more recognition from google.

Mold your content to your audience’s needs and create an SEO strategy that fulfills your audience’s desires. It will help you get more traffic and better rankings.

Post Your Content on Social Media

Social media can help you drive a lot of organic traffic on your website. Mostly there are groups on social media platforms like Reddit and facebook etc, from where you can find the specific type of audience you want. When you post your content on such platforms, you have better chances of interacting with your desired audience and you can create more traffic in this way without using any blackhat techniques.

Not only social media, other platforms such as Quora, but Medium and Slideshare can also help you get audience that are looking for quality content. You can improve your brand’s visibility on these sites and they can help you generate more audience and better rankings.

Use more infographics

Infographics and compelling visuals can help explain even the most complex ideas in a simpler way while also holding the reader’s attention. You can get creative and mix varieties of different methods like writing, video, and infographics in your articles to make it look better and hold the

reader’s attention while also answering their questions in a more understandable way.

With the use of infographics, you have no restrictions and you can present your content in however you want to, making sure you maintain quality and your content delivers the message. You can use the same infographics on your social media as well, so you can please more people, drive more traffic and improve rankings. 

Optimize your website for Mobile Devices

More and more people are shifting from desktops to cellphones and handheld devices. According to a survey in 2018, almost half of all website traffic was generated through mobile platforms. Most people only focus on their desktop site models while completely ignoring mobile phones. You have to understand where you get half of your traffic from and step up your game.

Pay attention to how user-friendly your site looks and feels on mobile devices. It also has to have good response time and good design so accessing it on any size of the screen does not create any design issues. Google also has seen the growing traffic of phone users and now it has taken good websites for mobiles into its preference. Your old ways of thinking only for desktops isn’t gonna last you in the long run. Improve your page loading speed and look for factors that indicate a dull and unresponsive website on cellphones. Your website has to be ready for mobile-first indexing as it is now Google’s criteria. This clearly indicates that Google wants you to choose and develop a good web design for your mobile audience.